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Assisted Living, Alzheimer's Memory Care and Skilled Nursing

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Juniper Communities has a vision, one firmly grounded in the belief that the health and well-being of our society as a whole is inextricably joined with that of our elder community. This vision has inspired the innovative senior care signature programs we have developed over our more than 25 year existence in order to serve our residents and their families.

Experience life at Juniper Village, a place where our people nurture the spirit of life, where our programs for retirement & assisted living, Alzheimer's memory care, and skilled nursing, encourage active bodies, engaged minds and fulfilled spirits and where our gracious environment, is home.

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Is traveling to a doctor’s appointment a thing of the past? One senior housing operator seems to think so.

Through an innovative partnership, the company has primary care providers – specifically trained to care for senior living residents – keeping regular office hours at its communities’ on-site clinics, cutting transportation arrangements and other hassles out of the picture entirely.

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