Our signature Wellspring program is both innovative and has stood the test of time.

We were doing memory care before memory care was cool.

The Juniper Difference

At Juniper we believe in focusing on what individuals with neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease are able to do, not what they are unable to do.  Our Wellspring communities enable individuals to fully maintain their sense of independence while still getting the help and supportive services they need.

We do this via a commitment to what is commonly called the small house model. There is a growing understanding of what makes a successful environment for individuals living with memory impairment.  The elements that can make a difference in the lives of those with dementia really aren’t that complicated: connectedness and a sense of home.

The small house or cottage model has been found to be the most successful environment in providing that sense of home, connectedness, and ultimately, happiness.  Juniper Communities is an innovator in pioneering the small house model at memory care communities and we believe that this is the gold standard in memory care.


And the research supports that belief!

A 2011 study conducted by Hilde Verbeek of the Netherlands concurred. Her research in Redesigning Dementia Care indicated that residents in small house communities were significantly more socially engaged than residents in larger, traditional settings.

They experienced greater wellbeing and less stress. Overall, they were happier. The study also found that residents in this “person-environment model” developed an individually meaningful experience of choice, mastery and relationship.  They developed a feeling of “at-homeness” or happiness!

We pair this environmental design with incredible programs designed to maintain, and if possible enhance the functional level of residents.  Much of our programming is focused on the value of creativity – particularly music and art – on memory care.

“Creative arts bypass the limitations and simply go to the strengths. People still have imaginations intact all the way to the very end of their progressive disease.”

Through creative expression it is possible for those with dementia to reach beyond their disease and to connect with a past memory or sense of being.


Don’t let money come between you and your future.

Most of our communities offer varied financial solutions. Choose from monthly rental agreements, long-term contracts, and shared suites. Explore options for funding and calculate the financial benefit of senior living.

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Memory care communities are designed for persons with a level of neurocognitive impairment making it unsafe to continue to stay at home.  Memory care allows a person experiencing memory loss to maintain a level of independence while relying on the safety and security of being in a community setting with a professional staff and with secure spaces to prevent unsafe wandering.

But we definitely encourage the safe kind of wandering!  All of our Juniper Wellspring communities have wonderful outdoor paths and gardens that foster the ability to walk and wander uninhibited!

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