What are we doing?

Connect4Life is a program that integrates clinical providers, their services, and communication protocols to provide individualized, coordinated care to residents within Juniper Village locations.

Connect4Life is a marriage of clinical services provided on-site and the supportive environment of our communities.

Why are we doing it?

The medical care that many older adults receive now is fragmented. Providers operate in silos and care is often duplicative and expensive, due in large part to lack of communication.

Customers are often not included in discussions and decision-making, leading to poor outcomes and low satisfaction.


How do we do it?

Connect4Life integrates care and service delivered on-site by our Juniper associates with that offered by ancillary clinical providers. Providers are located in the community, creating an integrated team.

The program is high tech, high touch and is integrated via our shared electronic health record (EHR) and coordinated via a “medical concierge”.