Lovely indoor spaces that evoke a feeling of home and beautiful grounds to explore and enjoy.

Juniper Village at Bucks County is smack in the middle of a huge remodel!  So we aren’t showing our common areas until the big reveal.  But our beautiful apartments should give you a clue of how fabulous it will be. Stay tuned!


“In 2001, my husband and I moved to Juniper Village at Bucks County.  I was 62; he was 67. I was still working; my husband was retired. We were following the example of my Mother and Dad who moved to a retirement village years before.  Dad said this is what smart people do. Several years later my husband needed to move to personal care and I remained in my apartment.  This was an ideal situation.  He was there for six years before he passed away.  He received wonderful care and support. He was very happy there and I was able to retire and continue to live independently. Here it is 2017 and I am still alive and well and living independently.  I am safe here and my spirit is constantly nurtured.  This was a move that smart people do and I am grateful every day that I was smart enough to do it!”