Music & Memory for Alzheimer's and Dementia care

Spread the word and help millions struggling to escape the isolation of dementia.
Please help them feel alive again through MUSIC & MEMORY.

Juniper Communities and Music & Memory are committed to getting personalized playlists and music into the hands and hearts of as many elders as possible who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Twelve reasons why music is essential in the lives of elders, and those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia
  • 1. Published reports increasingly document that music has a healing effect on patients
  • 2. By re-connecting elders with their favorite music, it can vastly improve quality of life regardless
    of a person’s cognitive or physical status
  • 3. Music is especially powerful for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, where it can restore, temporarily but repeatedly, the sense of self often lost when memory fails
  • 4. It can relieve boredom, empower choice, enable memory, and provide avenues for genuine communication with loved ones and caregivers
  • 5. Music improves mood and behavior, it can reduce or eliminate agitation, provide restoration of identity and increase socialization
  • 6. Music provides the opportunity for intergenerational, engaging conversations
  • 7. Music can induce a state of relaxation and can help offset depression, anxiety and fatigue
  • 8. Personalized music provides a means of communication and self-expression when verbal language abilities are diminished
  • 9. Musical favorites replace confusing environmental stimuli with something interpretable; personalized playlists distract from boredom or distress with a soothing, familiar experience.
  • 10. Personalized music provides a valuable tool for the effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications
  • 11. Vocal singing incorporates deep breathing thereby improving breathing capacity, muscle tension, posture, and the reduction of some respiratory symptoms
  • 12. The medical profession strongly believes that singing is a good form of aerobic exercise for the abdominal muscles, the lungs and circulation of blood

Partcipating Juniper Village Communities

Juniper Village at Aurora
(Aurora, CO)

Juniper Village at Brookline
(State College, PA)

Juniper Village - Spearly Center
(Denver, CO)

Juniper Village at Lebanon
(Lebanon, PA)

Juniper Village at Mount Joy
(Mount Joy, PA)

Juniper Village at Louisville (Louisville, CO)

Juniper Village at Naples
(Naples, FL)

Juniper Village at Williamstown (Williamstown, NJ)

Juniper Village at Forest Hills (Pittsburgh, PA)

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