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Respite Care Services - Seniors Living at Home

Respite care programs for short-term residential care at home


Sometimes seniors living at home and their caregivers need some outside support. It may be that a caregiver is taking a vacation or must be away from home regularly during the day. It may be that both need a short break or a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, Juniper Village may be able to help!  Juniper Village Day and Respite Care Services can assist caregivers by sharing the care for a loved one when the need arises.

Our Respite Care Services offer temporary, short-term residential care, for a weekend, a week or longer stay, for individuals currently living at home.  The program is designed to accommodate caregivers when an emergency situation arises, travel is planned or simply when personal time is needed. 

Our Fellowship Program is a day program available for individuals who would benefit from companionship or structured activities while living on their own or with family.  We offer extended hours as early as 6:00 AM and as late as 10:00 PM including weekends. 

Respite Care and Day Fellowship participants enjoy full access to all community services including our home cooked meals and a wide range of individual and group activities.  Both arrangements can be good alternatives to consider before making the decision to move into our community as a full-time resident.

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