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Our Juniper Communities Culture

Our promise of shared values and innovative programs


At Juniper, we seek to make the world a better place, a place where each of us can live fully throughout all seasons of life. We are passionate about this mission and believe wholeheartedly in our vision.

To translate this vision into reality it is important to build, share and safeguard a culture; we call this the Juniper Communities culture. We think of culture as a family that shares the same values, customs and calling in life. At Juniper, our family of committed Associates is dedicated to improving quality of life for residents, their families and the communities in which we live and work by focusing on the whole person -- body, mind and spirit; we really try to walk the talk of our vision!

Our culture, the Juniper Communities family, can be known by our people -- individuals with values-good values, our special words which we use to share our values and which speak to us as we make decisions every day and our innovative and pioneering programs that deliver on the promises we make for our residences and Associates, their families and the community at large to improve quality of life. Our words and programs are inextricably linked; one simply can't work without the other!



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