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Our Professional and Personal Development Programs

Training and educational opportunities for personal development at Juniper Communities


Professional development plays an important role within the Juniper Communities culture. At Juniper Communities, we believe that education is empowerment and learning is a lifelong pursuit.

On-boarding nurtures new Associates
At Juniper Communities, we know that it is extremely important to nurture our newest Associates. We are committed to supporting our team members and providing them both the skills and training they need as well as coaching so that they understand our culture and mission. Traveling the First 40 is our associate on- boarding initiative that ensures a new associate feels comfortable, secure and successful from the moment they are offered a job at Juniper through their introductory period. Traveling the First 40 establishes a firm foundation for all new Associates and has as a goal to increase retention of our new team members. All leadership team members and mentors play an important role in this program since we know it takes a village to be successful.

Training and educational opportunities
Juniper University was designed to promote education and further learning among our Associates, our residents and our families. Juniper University houses three centers of learning:

  • The In Touch College for Associates
  • The College of Lifelong Learning for residents and community based elders and
  • The College of Family and Community Learning for our families, adult children about their elders and others in the community seeking to learn about healthy aging

In Touch College
In Touch College is a comprehensive educational program designed for the Associates at Juniper communities. In addition to our extensive on boarding orientation program called Traveling the First 40 the college offers a number of educational and career development pathway's. Juniper believes that a quality training program for Associates must be multifaceted and include classroom learning, experiential learning and opportunities for mentoring and coaching. Active participation in the In Touch College will provide unique opportunities for Associates to climb our career ladder.

Professional Development
Juniper’s career pathways which serve to guide the professional growth of our Associates. These pathways include experiential and curriculum education within In Touch College as well as webinars, mentor training, and leadership training. Juniper's Leadership Academy is an intensive educational program for new and existing leaders with managerial and supervisory responsibility for other Associates. The program is offered annually and includes a four-day classroom intensive, homework and a comprehensive assessment of skills at the completion of the program. The Executive Director in Training/Administrator in training program (EDIT/AIT) offers opportunities to those Associates who are identified through performance evaluation to exhibit superior leadership aptitude and attributes. Program is one year in length and includes experiential learning and rotational assignments.

Associate Well-being
Benefits for a Brighter Tomorrow

Juniper Communities’ concern about the Associates and their families includes their sense of well-being. Because of this concern, Juniper Communities has developed a comprehensive and progressive benefits package; we call Benefits for a Brighter Tomorrow. We believe that in comparison to many other companies our size and in our industry, we provide a strong and caring array of benefits to enrich our employee’s lifestyle and the wellbeing of you and your family.

A special website "See My Benefits" has been developed to assist our Associates with information and needed forms regarding these benefits. To connect to this site, simply follow the link below:

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