Caregivers Resources at Juniper Communities

Assisted living and memory care resources for caregivers


One in four US families cares for a parent or senior relative and, 70% of all caregivers are women.

Caregivers are people who devote themselves to the unpaid care of chronically ill or disabled family members or friends. They may directly provide care or oversee care at home or in a community. Caring for a loved one may be physically and or emotionally taxing. Caregivers need to be able to access resources to help them whether it be to assist or fully provide care or to identify critical issues and help determine possible solutions and then implement them.

The staff at Juniper Village are well versed in options and more importantly are good listeners. Call them for input. Or, if you choose, take a look at some of these listed resources:

Deciding to move a loved one into senior living can be an emotional adjustment for all parties involved.
At Juniper Communities we want to turn the transition into a positive step forward in your loved one's life.



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