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The founding and history of Juniper Communities


At Juniper Communities we are committed to nurturing the spirit of life in each individual whose life we touch. We believe that healthy aging means an acceptance that growing older, managing illness and dying are natural parts of the life cycle. They cannot be avoided and they need not be feared. We believe that not only individuals but also society as a whole must adjust its view toward aging. The face of aging in America is changing, and we at Juniper have committed ourselves to finding life affirming, creative ways to address these issues that touch us all.

“Oma”, the grandmother of company founder Lynne Katzmann on motorcycle (photo) The Juniper story begins with “Oma”, the grandmother of company founder Lynne Katzmann. Oma ran her own business in the 1920s, rode a motorcycle in her mid-70s, and was always ready to share her laughter, wisdom, and sheer love of life.

Inspired by her example, Lynne founded a company based on a vision of aging that sees us alive in every season of life. Oma’s story has become our shared inspiration-one that has made Juniper one of America’s foremost, long-term care providers.

Today, Juniper Partners invests in, acquires, develops and manages long term care facilities and companies that seek to set the standard for a rich, rewarding quality of life and maximized well-being. The philosophy of care we advocate is resident-centered. Simply stated, quality of life - achieved by maximizing physical independence and emotional well-being - is as important as meeting health and medical needs. In home-like environments, frail elderly and chronically ill people become active decision-makers and participants in the care they receive and the environment in which they live.

A Brief Look Back
Juniper was founded in 1988 by its President and CEO, Lynne S. Katzmann. Based in Bloomfield, NJ, the company was founded as a series of private investment partnerships. Since the beginning, Juniper has sought to serve all its stakeholders - residents, families, employee associates, and investors - with excellence and a strong dedication to our hallmarks of quality, value and innovation. Juniper is committed to a double bottom line - one of strong financial performance coupled with a superior quality of life in our residences. It is our goal to make the lives of elders richer and more rewarding: to be fulfilled in all seasons of life. These commitments are reference points for both our large and small everyday decisions at Juniper.

By working with stakeholders - residents, families and our local communities-who share Juniper’s commitment to independence, choice, privacy and dignity for the elderly - Juniper endeavors to operate residential communities and programs for mature adults with uniform quality standards and, at the same time, reflect unique local needs, values, and lifestyles that are often overlooked by larger national operators. This philosophy and these actions have enabled Juniper to provide fair social returns to the community and strong financial returns to the investors who make these efforts possible.

Juniper originally purchased under-managed skilled nursing communities and sought small, regional operators to improve the day-to-day operations and programming of these communities. Juniper’s role was sourcing and negotiating acquisitions, raising capital, monitoring all portfolio investments and planning and executing appropriate exit strategies. In partnering with people dedicated to similar values and objectives, the company sought to provide examples of excellence in long term care for public policy makers.

The company made its first acquisition of two skilled nursing facilities in 1990, and quickly followed with the purchase of five additional skilled nursing communities by 1993. As time progressed, however, finding lessees that qualified under the company’s standards for financial stability, quality programming and industry commitment proved more difficult. In addition, it became clear that from an investment prospective, the company could benefit from paying a fee for operations management while retaining the right to increased operating cash flow driven by improved operations. The company believed that such a management arrangement (one which changed the risk/reward structure), would provide the company with an opportunity to increase investor returns through refinancing its portfolio properties.

Simultaneously, in the mid-1990’s, alternative environments for elders needing assistance with activities of daily living were evolving. Known as assisted living communities, these residences provided more privacy, an opportunity for enhancing dependence and a more home-like environment for elders. Hence, beginning in 1994, Juniper began to expand its portfolio to include assisted living facilities. Originally, the company purchased buildings that could easily be retrofitted and embarked on a number of both small and large-scale renovations. In 1995, the company also began to design and develop purpose built assisted living facilities, including those meant for individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory impairments. To date, the company has completed three such buildings. These newly constructed buildings, including Juniper Village at Chatham and two Alzheimer’s assisted living residences in Colorado, have allowed the company to demonstrate what it has learned over the years, both in terms of creating specialized environments for the elderly and most recently, with the formation of Juniper Management our operations arm, in the areas of programming, staff training and best practices. In 1996 we began operating our community’s as well.

Focused on Today
Today, Juniper’s long term care portfolio has expanded to include 15 assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care communities which we own and operate in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Our investment in local facilities goes beyond dollars. Juniper supports its communities with assistance in program development, staff training, operations, accounting, and strategic planning. We encourage our Associates to be creative about the solutions they develop to meet the needs of their communities. Together, we are creating inter-generational care for the young and the old, constructing energy-efficient buildings, providing clear career paths in an industry where they often do not exist, and using innovative financing to make assisted living more affordable and accessible to a broader range of individuals.

An Eye To The Future
Throughout its growth over the last two plus decades, Juniper’s vision of changing the face of aging in America for the better has remained. As we move forward, our focus on growth continues. In today’s long term care environment, opportunities to acquire assisted living communities and skilled nursing care communities are significant. We are actively pursuing opportunities in the four states in which we currently operate as well as contiguous states. As we move forward with our growth-oriented plans for the future, everyone at Juniper continues to demonstrate the company’s commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of America’s elderly. We believe we all can and do make a difference!

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