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Juniper Village - The Spearly Center

Skilled Nursing & Short Term Rehabilitation at the Spearly Center in Denver and nearby Littleton, Englewood and Aurora.


Juniper Village - The Spearly Center is home to approximately 135 residents and 130 professionals dedicated to providing person-centered, skilled nursing care in a therapeutic community. Those living at Juniper Village - The Spearly Center are primarily people living with chronic mental illness, brain injury or neurological disorders. The Spearly Center provides a holistic approach to care by involving the individual and his/her care team to create a plan of care that addresses the persons physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, social occupational, relationship and leisure pursuits toward well-being in each realm of life.

Located near the heart of downtown Denver, the community offers four distinct "neighborhoods" within one building to creatively, appropriately and individually meet the various needs of each person who lives there.

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In the News:
Sue Pappas of Juniper Village – the Spearly Center named CHCA Administrator of the Year

Juniper Village - Spearly

Skilled Nursing & Short Term Rehabilitation Outcomes - Spearly Center at Juniper Village


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